Bamboo Water Fountain / Item #10081

A Water fountains in Feng Shui represents a strong and powerful generator of energy, bringing harmony and light into our lives. Water element (moving water) is one of the most powerful symbols for activating Chi.  It is very important that you position your fountain perfectly. Correctly placed, it has huge power and brings great fortune (money, health, relationships….)

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This Feng Shui indoor fountain is made of poly-resin. Fountain consists of a basin, pump and decorative top with stones. Place this fountain in your living room or your office and when you switch it on enjoy smooth water flowing through the pots back to the basin. This item includes one miniature candle. Fountains bring wonderful harmony and balance in to your home. This indoor fountain can be used at home or office making an excellent decoration while the fresh, flowing water of a fountain helps to energize wealth and luck.


Water element is represented on the North. Located in this sector will support your career and new opportunities.

For support of health, wealth, happiness and great family relationships it is suggested to place this fountain in the East sector of your home.

If you need to raise your income place this fountain in the Southeast.

Never place fountain in your bedroom.


Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 17cm

Material: poly-resin