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Mirrors are very efficient tools used in Feng Shui. They can affect the energy around us in a very positive way, but if not correctly placed they can harm us and bring us misfortune. In the business when correctly placed in the office, they can multiply turnover and bring more income. At home they can correct mistakes of architects and expand the space.
Placement of mirrors is not as easy as it looks. Wrong placement can harm you more than help you. If you are placing large mirrors seek the advice of a Feng Shui expert. With placement of smaller mirrors you can follow these basic rules:
  • Immediately remove old mirrors with damaged surfaces, chipped corners or cracked ones.
  • Remove all mirrors from area where any tragedy happened. Replace them with new ones. In old China they say: “Mirrors remember!”mirror
  • Never place a mirror so that it directly reflects towards the main door, as this will cause any chi that comes in, good or bad, to fly out again.
  • You can place mirror on the door of the toilet or bathroom (only in case it is not facing front door or window). Via toilet and bathroom we are losing the most of the “Chi” energy. This way it will block it.
  • Place mirror in a way that all members of family can see themselves. Tallest and shortest.
  • Never place mirrors opposite each other. It can cause lots of conflicts and chaos in the family.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom is big NO. Mostly the ones reflecting towards your bed. TV or other reflective surfaces are also considered as mirrors, so not recommended either.
  • Mirror in the dining room brings prosperity into the household. Make sure that mirror is large enough. It should reflect towards your dining table.
  • Mirrors can be in any shape, but make sure it is in one piece. It is not suggested to use mirrors made from small pieces or mirrors (called mosaic mirrors).
  • Always keep your mirrors clean.
  • Space reflecting in the mirror must always be neat, clean and clear of clutter.
  • If your back (when you work) is turned towards door, place mirror in front of you. Place it on right hand side (not directly facing you) so you can see above your right shoulder what is happening behind you.
  • Bagua mirrors must always be placed outside for protection.

Are your mirrors correctly placed? Contact us for advise and consultation.