Furniture, Design and Practicality

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loungeFurniture placement is one of the main characteristic when applying practical Feng Shui. When it comes to design, many designers tend to use very unpractical pieces of furniture without any consideration to the client requests. Sometimes the Modern / Cool design is not so cool.

Most important aspect is to achieve balance using the correct shapes, colours and materials with practicality in mind.

These are the main rules which should be always considered when placing a furniture in the space:


  1. Balance

The ideal home offers an ambience of warmth where energy can flow freely from room to room.

Focus on furniture placement in each room so it allows even flow of energy. Dining room table’s should be in the middle of the room and not pushed to the corner. Sofa and chairs around coffee table’s should be evenly spaced and create the ambiance of being together where everybody can see each other. Place chairs in a way that everybody can see the door and nobody feels that there is someone behind their back.

Watch out for sharp edges and ensure they are not be pointing to anyone.

Incorporate pot plants and flowers to soften the décor. Camouflage all protruding corners with lush plants


  1. Shapes, Colours and MaterialsFeng Shui Furniture

The best way to start is to determine the directions of each room and the sector of the home. There are certain colours, shapes and materials belonging to each direction. By using it correctly it can bring good luck and harmony to the place.

For example wavy shapes represents the water element. As we know it is not advisable to use water in the bedrooms. Orange colours supports digestion, so using orange décor in the dining room is an excellent idea. Etc….

For the best results contact your consultant for expert advice.


  1. Practicality

When choosing your furniture always look at the practical side of it also, not only the “In” look. Furniture have distinct decorative and functional purposes which we use and see every day. So make wise choices.

Support – plays a big role. Your furniture should always give you support (backrests on your armchairs and sofa…..)

There should be enough space to move around chairs. Not only for energy to flow smoothly, but also for us.

Too much furniture will create a feeling of tightness and will block the energy.


Always remember to keep these 3 rules as a basis when creating your home. Furniture plays an important role, so take time when making your choices.

Now take a look at your place. Are your chairs giving support? Is there enough space for energy to flow? Is there a balance?

“Be simple, but not simplistic.”