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The presence of the water element in the home or garden is always attracting wealth and prosperity. The fish represents abundance – the Chinese word for fish is YU which also means abundance. Thus many business and wealthy people like to keep fish both in the office and at home.

Now it doesn’t mean that if you have a fish at home your will have all the prosperity you wish for. There are very important rules and facts to follow so our lucky fish will bring us luck.


Feng Shui DecorThe aquarium is the easiest way to keep fish, and is best displayed near the front entrance or in the living room. They are a great sales booster if kept in the shop or office. Activating the Southeast corner with bubbling water will attract wealth. Also very suitable location is North and East.

Always keep your fish healthy and water clean. There is nothing worse than an ugly aquarium, not properly maintained. It can do more harm than good.

Aquariums with lively fish is an excellent energizer symbolizing growth and activity.

In Feng Shui, numbers are always important and it’s not different when it comes to how many fish to have in the tank. It is very lucky to keep 8 gold or bright colour fish and one black fish. (Also 3 is lucky number.)

Never place your fish and any water feature in the bedroom.

Fish Ponds:

Fish ponds (like aquariums) are excellent energizers of wealth and prosperity when located in the North, East and Southeast of your garden.Feng Shui Decor

Place in your pond some lotus or water lily’s to bring more energy and growth.

Type of fish to keep:

Most auspicious are goldfish, carp, koi, arrowana and guppies. Arrowana is also called dragon fish and is great booster for the career path. Neon-colour guppies are perpetually pregnant and invite wonderful growth.

If keeping live fish is not suited for your living accommodation, you can also use figurines or paintings of them.